Michael Mauboussin, “The Success Equation:Untangling Skill and Luck” - YouTube

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What role, exactly, do skill and luck play in our successes and failures?
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Bibo, wonderful animated short film about a lonely robot, a year in the making – a sort of modern-day, sadder version of Pixar’s groundbreaking 1986 classic Luxo Jr.

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Puppies! Now that I’ve got your attention, complexity theory

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Animal behavior isn’t complicated, but it is complex. Nicolas Perony studies how individual animals — be they Scottish Terriers, bats or meerkats — follow simple rules that, collectively, create larger patterns of behavior. And how this complexity born of simplicity can help them adapt to new circumstances, as they arise.


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DARPA Open Catalog

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DARPA Open Catalog contains a curated list of DARPA-sponsored software and peer-reviewed publications. DARPA funds fundamental and applied research in a variety of areas including data science, cyber, anomaly detection, etc., which may lead to experimental results and reusable technology designed to benefit multiple government domains.
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This is quite a big deal

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Charlie Munger on Moats (First of the Four Essential Filters)

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If there is anything fundamental about what Charlie Munger has learned about business it is this: 

“The difference between a good business and a bad business it is that good businesses throw up one easy decision after another. The bad businesses throw up painful decisions time after time.” 

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Are You Happy Now? Stanford University Roundtable

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The science of happiness is a growing and intriguing field. Research about what truly makes people happy is not only surprising, but applicable.

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