ABC: Always Be Closing - the network edition

What is a high quality network that learns and reacts well? - Too many density is not good. But too little density is not a good thing either.

So what to do?

  • How do you set in motion emergence - Valdis makes the point that the core is always a triangle and closing out these triangles is the work 
Networks triangulation
  • The trick is to close a lot in the centre - the centre should be densely connected - so we don’t have to go through only you and so avoid being a bottleneck - closed triangles = trust and speed 
  • But you don’t want to close ALL your triangles - risk then you end up with an echo chamber 
  • So look at who should be connected - what is the value or not of being connected - close the triangles around them that make sense - the OPEN UP NEW ONES 
  • Which we may then close or NOT

It’s Simple

  • Remember triangles and open or close when you see the value
  • So if all in the network does this - then we get great value


Human Networks - A masterclass by the Master Valdis Krebs - Podcast #networks